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Oilers @ Blues GDT

We're supposed to be excited for every Blues game, right? Good luck tonight.

The Oilers are in town. They're on a mission to compete for the top draft pick...again. The Blues are trying to find enough healthy bodies to field an entire hockey club. T.J. Hensick took the shuttle from Peoria for tongiht's game on an emergency basis in case Patrik Berglund's hip doesn't let him play. That's right, Berglund is now your grandmother. And it sure as hell has to be an emergency if Hensick makes it in the lineup. The leading point scorer for the Rivermen, apparently that doesn't mean shit in the NHL.

After tonight there are just four home games on the schedule. We keep track of that because of the game-day paper we sell outside the Drinkscotch. If you get tonight's edition, you'll see an open letter to Dave Checketts. We may end up running that around here tomorrow.

To really not be disappointed by the Blues right now means give an honest effort, beat the shitty teams (like tonight) and don't end anyone's career or season with a massive injury. Is that too much to ask? God I hope not. Optimism is expensive as hell in late March when your team is among the conference worst. I think the hardest part hasn't been dealing with no playoffs, but it's rather the realization that this team is worse than the majority of other teams in the league. That really sucks.

But you probably won't read all this anyway. So comment like you ignored me.