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Friday Links: ... a freak gasoline fight accident edition

Whoa, who is this guy? I've never heard of him before!
Whoa, who is this guy? I've never heard of him before!

So , it's safe to say the Oilers are done for the season. Right? Start writing that eugoogoly.

Blues News:

  • Last night's game was the "Game of the Future [ure, ure, ure]." [Post Dispatch]

  • Jaro made only 12 saves last night. But never fear! The Oilers only had 12 shots. [CBC]

  • Copper & Blue has compiled the hat trick of fights from the 1st period. [The Copper & Blue]

  • JR chats! The first question is if anyone interested in Conklin. Answer. No. [Post Dispatch]

  • Jaden Schwartz is in town for college playoffs, but his parent's have stayed with behind with Mandi. [Post Dispatch]

Hockey News:

  • We the People of the Leafs Nation, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice by fist, insure domestic Truculence, provide for some defensemen, demote the general Welfare, and secure the Failures of the Leafs to ourselves and our poor, poor Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Delusional Leafs fans of Canada. [CBC]
  • The Habs didn't stand a chance. [CBC]

  • In Edmonton they throw beef on the ice. In Sweden - sex toys. [The Checking Line]

  • Wouldn't it be more green if you didn't make new jerseys for almost every game? [Puck Daddy]

  • Think of the children! Don't show them things that they can see on TV or in school! I saw a kids head get torn open against a locker when I was 11. Whatevs. [Puck Daddy]

  • The sky is falling! Drama can unfold in the next two weeks before playoffs. [THN]

  • Teemu Selanne looks like a flamingo. I'm sure there are other points in the post, but not that important. [Puck Daddy]

  • Number crunching to analyze Presidents' Trophy winners and their playoff success. I'm hopeful that there is a curse when a team I despise wins it. Apathetic when it's not. [SBNation]

  • Some Pens fan made a "Pittsburgh Penguin Cocktail." Blues cocktail contest? 1st prize everlasting pride and glory? [PensBurgh]

  • Pensburgh put out a call for 2011 Penguins GIFs. My favorite features the reaction of a little girl after a Matt Cooke hit. [PensBurgh]

Other Stuff:

  • "A shallow diver breaks his own world record by jumping 36ft into a paddling pool containing just 12in of water." I wonder when this guy will receive his Darwin Award. [BBC News]

  • By now it must be noted that I love comics. Snarky ones rank amongst my favorites. [Cyanide & Happiness]

  • How is it possible for Tim Lincecum to eat all of that food? I call shenanigans. [Big League Stew]


Rugby - calling for bigger tackles and softer hands. 

Nate the Great is great . . . at bringing us Kelly Backes videos.

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