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Blues v Wild(s) - the definitive game day thread.

Certain sports teams stand by the mistake of naming their team something singular. The Stanford Cardinal (which is, apparently, a tree - quite motivating) and the Tulane Green Wave (always unfortunately when your team's nickname turns on you in real life and kills some of your fans) immediately come to mind. In the NHL, of course, we have the Avalanche and the Wild.

While the Avalanche makes the dual mistake of being singular and a natural disaster that could potentially kill some of their fans in real life, the Wild is one of the worst names in the league. In a reverse order listing of worst NHL names, I'd put the Wild second behind the Blue Jackets (Fear These Coats!). How does a player get excited to be a Wild? Let's go, you Wilds! I am a proud Wild.


But enough about that. The thing I really hate about this team is that the Blues' season was really extinguished by these guys back in February when they beat the Note twice in two days. The Blues had really dinged their playoff chances with a 2-8-2 January, so they're mostly to blame, but going into the home-and-home on Feb. 11 and 12, the Blues were deep in the standings, but with two wins against Minnesota could have jumped from 14th place to 11th and been just three points out of eighth place.

It was not to be.

In the Friday night game they gave up the tying goal in the last minute and lost in shootout, followed by falling behind 3-0 on Saturday and never really pushing the Wild in that one.

Tonight both teams are vacation-bound come April, so it's just a matter of whether the Blues' youngsters and AHLers can outplay the Wild and their Cal Clusterfuck group of players.

If T.J. Oshie lives by his words, we should at least see an energetic performance from the Blues as he said Thursday that, "Obviously, a huge part of it is playing for the fans that have supported us all year, even in our darkest hours when we weren't playing very good there. We'll play for them and from here on out and the guys sitting next to us."

At least he knows the right things to say.

Fox Sports, KMOX and Hockey Wilderness for those of you looking to watch or hear the game or wish to read the other side's opinions on the game.

This, naturally, would be your GDT. You know what to do. You know what to do.