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Sunday Links: It May Be Snowing, But the Blues Make It Rain Edition

Excuse me while I do my Victory Dance, Release the Cracknell Dance, Chris God Damn Stewart Dance, and the Carlton Dance.

Blues News:

  • A recap of last nights game. Spoiler alert: Blues win 6-3. [Post Dispatch]

  • Hockey Wilderness gave out three stars last night. The Wild didn't make the cut. [Hockey Wilderness]

  • With the sale of the Blues, what will happen with John Davidson and his contract to be signed? [Post Dispatch]

  • The yo-yo continuation of Hensick's career. [Blues]
  • Barriball signs with the Blues.  [Blues]

Hockey News:

Other Stuff:

  • According to Rebecca Black, I'm a Negative Nancy. I'm not 13, so I guess I'm ok with that? [NME.COM]

  • Different ways to use a disposable camera to create crazy/different photos. [Photojojo]

  • The Drunkest Cities in America list surprised me a little. [Mainstreet]


With all of the 12 and 13 year old girls putting out "music" videos, let's take a break and and revisit something good.

The disturbingly awesome videos Flick posts just happen to be the highlight of my weekdays. Help him out, yo.

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