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Tuesday Links: Lost and Found Edition

For the second time in two weeks, all of my AT&T services (phone, internet, cable and this time my cell phone) went out, leaving me no means to contact the other chumps who post here. I've got to go to work, so I'll be very brief today. Ch'yeah.

Blues News

  • The young blues, especially ones that are RFAs this summer, need to mature. [P-D]
  • Looks like Teej will sit tonight. Cracknell has been called up once again. [Twitter]
  • #whereisoshie was hilarious yesterday. [Twitter]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Who's in? Who's out? Puck Daddy's death watch is here to find out. [Puck Daddy]
  • The playoff hopeful Ducks and Blackhawks won in dramatic fashion last night. [Fox]
  • 10 players that Wysh wants to see win the cup for the first time. [Puck Daddy]
  • Anze Kopitar is now out until mid-summer. [SJ Mercury]
  • The Stars have to go through the Coyotes to claw back into 8th place. [Dallas Morning News]
  • The NHL Premiere games in Europe have been scaled back to 2. [ESPN]

Other Stuff

Tuesday Links

Dear AT&T:

GDT tonight. Be there.

gametimelinks AT gmail DOT com