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Wilds at Blues GDT

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Two teams, zero playoff chances. Should be a fun one.

Like T.J. Oshie, we considered skipping this GDT to do other things (pantomimes drinking), but we decided against it.

There's not really much to say, the Wild are pretty bad and just lost a barnburner to the Blues. The Blues have been better lately, but will be without Oshie. Although, to be fair, Oshie hasn't been doing much lately. Even with a depleted roster he was skating on a line with Chris Porter. Not good times.

Adam Cracknell has been called up to replace Osh and he's actually been fairly productive lately. The jury is still out on Cracknell's future—he could be a super cheap fourth liner which is good for this broke-ass team.

I'm going to assume Jaroslav Halak is in net tonight, because he should be. For the Wilds I'm gonna guess ... Manny Fernandez? That can't be right, but I don't feel like looking.

My player to watch tonight? Matt D'Agostini. Before the season I thought Dags could get 5-10 goals with regular ice time—basically what Cracknell could become. Instead, he's staring at 20 goals. Not bad, kid.

This is your GDT. Comment like you just defended your Bermuda Cup title.