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Road Music: 03/03 @ Washington Capitals

"So, Dennis, please, share with me your shootout secret moves. I wish to learn ..." (photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
"So, Dennis, please, share with me your shootout secret moves. I wish to learn ..." (photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
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One of the great things about St Louis GameTime is the sense of community around here. Whatever emotional highs (or, more often lately, lows) you hit, there is a group of similar-minded folk here to commiserate with, to share with... So, for the 1,489th time (rough count) in my life, I've been very thankful for SLGT this week. Whether I agree with everyone or not, its great to know that you all are feeling the same way I am.  We all express ourselves in different ways, but there's a bond in having this place to go to. With the shitacular play of Tuesday's game, we all had to find a way to deal, to cope. We all have our own

Concept Of Grief / Fragile Porcelain Mice

The Enemy: With the way the NHL markets the Capitals, there's very little that you all don't know about them already. This especially holds true with those of you that watched HBO's 24/7 series. The key injuries for the Caps are Semyon Varlamov is DTD with a bum knee, and leading D-man Mike Green is out with a mix of issues (no update on the status of his Vespa). Their leading scorer is some guy named Alex Ovechkin (25G/40A). The Capitals were one of the major players on trade deadline day, adding Marco Sturm, Jason Arnott, and old friend Dennis Wideman in separate transactions. They are riding a two-game winning streak, and are only 3 points behind Tampa Bay for the division lead. This is no throwaway game, just because it's an out-of-conference match-up. They'll take this very seriously, and the Blues will need to match that intensity, and surpass it.

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This is going to be a statement game for the Blues. This will, one way or the other, reveal the character of the team. Don't miss it. Puck drops at 6:00 St Louis time, with the GDT coming slightly earlier. The radio broadcast is KMOX 1120AM. The TV is on FoxSports MW, and there are mixed signals for a possible NHL Network broadcast. I dunno.

In the meantime, gather together for our unique brand of group therapy, and try to at least get a chuckle out of Ovie's ESPN commercial.

This is SportsCenter - Alexander Ovechkin The Spy (via ESPN)