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Blues @ Washington Russians GDT

There's a guy on the Washington Capitals that might be licking his chops to get at the Blues if he saw film of their 6-0 shutout loss to Calgary on Tuesday night. That guy is Alex Ovechkin. While the Blues were laying an egg, Ovechkin was busy getting his groove back. I can't do just explaining how he beat the Islanders basically by himself in overtime. So just watch.

So yeah, the offensively-challenged Blues might have a pumped up Russian superstar ready to explode. And that's just Alexander Semin.

The Blues are continuing their brutal schedule of playing what seems like almost every night. The team has lots of Peoria call-ups, tired legs, a morale issue after the trade deadline deals and third round picks that will not be scoring tonight. But they could still totally make the playoffs. If you're on crack.

Just do yourself a favor and watch that Ovi goal again. And then crack a cold one or three to dull the pain.

This is your game day thread. Comment like you're Russian. Except in English. Well, broken English. More broken than usual.