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Thursday Links: Playin' Out the String Edition

I don't want to cover the puck because my hand hurts. Go ahead and put it in the net.
I don't want to cover the puck because my hand hurts. Go ahead and put it in the net.

Won't be watching the game tonight. I don't know why I won't be. I guess all the "packin' it in" press has got me not caring. Sad, because I want to watch Chris Stewart score two goals again.

Blues News

  • Reading stuff like this here doesn't help. "Payne and suffering." Good one, Gordo. You so clever. [P-D]
  • Dan O'Neill makes a golf analogy to describe Tuesday's loss in his write-up for tonight's game. Apt, because that's what the Blues will be doing a month from now. [P-D]
  • The Caps hope they don't underestimate the Blues and lose tonight. Don't worry, you can underestimate the Blues and still win. S'aight. [SB Nation DC]
  • Our overlords for this evening. [Japers' Rink]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Trevor Gillies: DGAF. [Puck Daddy]
  • Deadline Deals: NBD. [The Detroit News]
  • Versus: Dicks. [Puck Daddy]
  • Gary Bettman: Dick. [Toronto Sun]
  • Bobby Ryan got a penalty shot in OT and made Jimmy Howard do his best Belfour. []
  • Jimmy Howard can't be that mad, though, because he and Antti Niemi both got big-time contract extensions with their respective teams. [Sporting News]
  • Jonathan Toews must be giving a fuckton of inspirational speeches lately. The Blackhawks have gone from the conference basement to 4th place with their current 6-game winning streak. []
  • Bob Probert's brain was apparently diseased when he passed away this past summer. He should have cured it with his mind. []

Other Stuff

  • If you follow me on Twitter, you've noticed that I've retweeted one of the best parody accounts ever. "I don't need 1 million followers like Charlie. I have a hockey franchise named after one of my movies. Where's the Anaheim Money Talks, huh?" [@EmilioSheen]
  • Make a guitar pick out of anything! [Cool Material]
  • Beer Advocate is a great site. Check out their massive "Beer 101" section. [Beer Advocate]

Thursday Video

When a cat gets stuck in a window in Romania, nobody helps it out. They just take phone pics of it.

Hartigan is here for the weekend. Send her some links, won't you? Personally, since it's March, you should send us pics of your mustaches.

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