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Ug. Who's tired of talking about Blues' losses? Note fall in DC.

Not quite close enough, Blues.
Not quite close enough, Blues.

What's left to say, really? The Blues at least played the whole game tonight, unlike that debacle on Tuesday night when they essentially forfeit the third period. Tonight another bad giveaway turned into another odd-man rush which turned into another pretty one-timer by another great player and turned into another Blues loss.

And so on and so forth.

Darren Pang made mention of the tactics used in odd-man situations, and I think he's really on to something here. From Mite onward, defensemen are taught to give the puck carrier/shooter to the goalie and to cut off the pass to the open man. The goalie, of course, focuses on the guy with the puck and assumes he'll shoot. The Blues did it Tuesday on Iginla's pretty one timer goal and then it happened again tonight on Jason Arnott's equally pretty game winner. I have no idea if the Blues are expecting the defense to do something else, but they certainly aren't playing these situations that way.

I don't know, seems like an easy fix to make.

Blues are in New York to play the Isles on Saturday in a matinee, throwing our buddy Dominik into a situation where he has no choice but to cut two jerseys in half and sew together a frankenjersey that is half Blues clown jersey and half Isles fisherman jersey.

Feel free to make note of other basic plays the Blues should be executing and are not in the comments.