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So, who were those guys? Blues pound Detroit.

A few signs that things aren't going your way in a hockey game:


  1. You pull your goalie because he's struggling only to put that guy back in like 10 minutes later.
  2. Cam Janssen has a multi-point night against you.
  3. Chris Porter is giving the shrugging shoulders "sorry I scored again" move.
  4. Your Norris Trophy defenseman is minus-3.
  5. Even the Detroiters are like, "Nope, this is actually worse than living down here."


So, while I'd love to say that this was a sign that the Blues are just a few months away from Total NHL Domination (TM), I'm going to instead temper things a tad and say that while the Blues played hard and hungry and definitely wanted it more, the Red Wings we saw tonight are not the real Red Wings.

But whatever, fuck those guys. I let their own whiny websites make excuses for them. Here are your Game Time Post Game Bulletpoints (R):


  • I have grown fond of saying, whenever he has the puck, "Chris Porter. . . . Fails to score." No one thinks it's insightful or funny, but I say it anyway. Joke for one, coming right up. Tonight, he stole that from me forever. Luckily for him, he did it with the convincing snap shot that went into the far side top corner and not with that weak poke-in goal at the very end of the game. I still don't think he's a legitimate NHLer night in and night out, but that was one hell of a shot and it's nice to see him get rewarded for hard work.
  • Chris Stewart continues the destruction of the Oshie For Mayor campaign and the creation of the Chris Stewart For Emperor campaign with another goal and two assists tonight. Chris Goddamn Stewart, indeed. Worried yet, Colorado? Well, you should be, because Kirk Kevin Shattenkirk added two more assists tonight too, meaning he has 10 points in 20 games in the Note.
  • Speaking of T.J. Oshie, how bad do you think it hurt to watch this game sitting here in St. Louis (or in East St. Louis)? He may have a reputation as a party boy, but that kid loves hockey and I bet it killed him to miss out on being part of this game. Ten goals in Detroit? And he missed it? Ugh. I bet that was harder to take than if they'd fined him. He knows that not only did he miss out on this game, but he also missed last night, when he could have helped his team win and, at the very least, missed a chance to participate in the shootout. If the message wasn't received, I'd be shocked.
  • Jaroslav Halak looks pretty composed in net when he's got a five or six goal lead, doesn't he? Hey, I think I have a new game plan I can suggest to the Blues staff. . . .
  • Patrik Berglund continues to remind us of the old TechnoViking/Iceberg days, isn't he? Forget palling around with Oshie, can Berglund just spend more time with Scott Mellanby? Because that guy may have had the single biggest impact on our favorite Swede's career.
  • Finally, I've been pretty hard on Cam Janssen this year, but not unfairly so. His game is decidedly one-dimensional and the gaps in his game have been made all the more glaring by the play of Ryan Reaves this season. I really doubt that Unfrozen Caveman Hockey Player will be back with St. Louis next year, but I have to say that he seems like a truly likeable guy and a great teammate. The footage they showed tonight of him celebrating the goal and then waiting out the review and then re-celebrating the goal was really funny to watch. I'm glad he got a goal and an assist tonight - as a St. Louis kid playing for his favorite team growing up, The Pride of Eureka must have loved being in on a big win over the hated Red Wings. Good for him.


Blues play in St. Louis against Cal and Gary on Friday. See you then?