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Friday Links: Le Sigh Edition

My three most despised NHL franchises:

3. Red Wings. duh.

2. Flyers. My body rejects Philadelphia. Truth. I once had travel issues and was stranded at the Philly airport for hours. I was so angry that I made RAGE! look like a fluffly, little, adorable kitten.

1. Capitals. Now, I love D.C. I've even had fun times in the MCI/Verizon Center. But, the Capitals? Me no likey. I'm going to stop now or else you will have a 5,000 word rant. [Last night did not change my stance one iota.]

Blues News:

  • Calling all Bluenatics! $20 for a seat [you won't be sitting] and a T shirt. Contact to get in and TO MAKE IT RAIN. [Blues]
  • A loss? Ain't nothin' but a chicken wing because the Blues SHOWED LIFE. /sarcasm. [Post Dispatch]
  • BEEEEEEEJ scored a goal. His 6th this season. [Post Dispatch]
  • Seems like the new guy is working for the Caps. [CBC]
  • A Caps fan's photo gallery from last nights game. [On Frozen Blog]

Hockey News:

  • ZOMG! They're back! Spring has sprung!!! [shop.nhl]
  • I love this picture. [Puck Daddy]

  • Boyes scores again and other signs of the Apocalypse. [Post Dispatch]

  • What about Cal? Gillies was just protecting his rookie, trading one bad hit for another. Or so says Lighthouse Hockey. [Lighthouse Hockey]

  • Hockey Wilderness sees the Gillies hit completely differently than LHH. As the receiving end of the hit, clearly, the perp will get off completely free. [Hockey Wilderness]

  • 167 minute, 14 seconds. That's a lot of hockey. [Buzzing the Net]

  • I remember hearing last year that the Leafs are INCREDIBLE during March. And, once again, the team is teasing their fans getting closer and closer to a play-off spot. [CBC]

Other Stuff:

  • A time line of bacon. Or, how we ended up with Bacon floss. [Seattle Weekly]

  • Here is a breakdown of past NCAA Men's Basketball Nat'l Champs and their rankings during March Madness. It might help you fill out your bracket - a #16 seed will never win. [Leonardo Aranda's posterous]


Kim Kardashian's new song premiered yesterday. Surprise! It was awful.

Haha tricked you, I wouldn't post that "song" here, ever.

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