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Blues on the Island for a matinee. Ogilthorpe suspended.

The Blues roll into Nassau Coliseum today for a matinee with the Islanders, a team that has struggled all year long, despite putting together a good stretch or two over the course of the season. And while that sounds familiar to Blues fans, we can take (limited) solace in the fact that if our team was in the weaker Eastern Conference, their 65 points would have them in 11th place, just six points out of the playoff positions.

Instead, the Blues remain mired in 13th in the West, 10 points out of a playoff race that they are in only because math says they aren't officially out yet.

On the plus side, the Islanders are on their sixth goaltender of the season, so there's an outside chance that one will get hurt today and the Blues will get to face a fan who comes out of the stands and puts on the pads.

Another plus is that real-life Ogie Ogilthorpe, Trevor Gillies, has been suspended by the NHL for 10 games after getting thrown out of his first game back from a nine-game suspension. I couldn't help but picture the Blues walking into their locker room today and hearing from one of the stick boys, "Gillies is suspended."

"Gillies is suspended?"

So the chances of a Blues player getting his head mashed into the boards by an unskilled mountain of brainless muscle dressed up like a hockey player just went down like 200%.

I wasn't able to find a clip of that Slap Shot scene, so instead, here's player/coach Reg Dunlop's speech to his team. I'd like to think this is actually happening in the Blues' room today. At least some of them would be fired up, right?

Remember, game is at noon and be sure to check out our buddy Dominik's site at Lighthouse Hockey to see what the other side is saying. I'm sure it's smarter and funnier than what we've done, but I bet they don't think Gillies is a modern day Ogilthorpe.

Note: Thanks to CCR for posting the link, but if you're trying to figure out how to not watch gymnastics, the TV guide is posted here for your convenience.

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