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Monday Links: Seven Heaven Edition


Gallagher was right. It is 2006 all over again. Horrible play coupled with nostalgia nights to give the fans something to cheer about. What's the over/under on Walt's weight gain?

Blues News

  • The Blues put their 4-game losing streak on the line against a team that's always embarrassing to lose to, the BJs. Halak might come back tonight. No big whoop. [P-D]
  • Four good players wore No. 7. True story, bro. [P-D]
  • Chris Stewart is trending up in the fantasy world. My interest in fantasy hockey is always trending down. [ESPN]
  • Blues minority owner Tom Stillman tried to buy the team this past week. Just let him have it already. This ownership situation is more annoying than... [Sporting News]

NHL/Hockey News

  • ...the Phoenix Coyotes. Tired of hearing about it. Luckily, thanks to a pair of lawsuits, this situation might end this week. I've always said that people don't nearly sue enough. *shot* [ESPN]
  • Winnipeg's take. [Winnipeg Free Press]
  • Like every shitty team except the Blues, the Oilers are on a hot streak. [Toronto Sun]
  • Minnesota's depleted roster got a small boost from an AHL journeyman last night in Warren Peters, who was filling in for Cal Clutterbuck. [Twin Cities]
  • Brad Winchester missed hits that he lined up from a mile away constantly. If only he had broken the glass, he might still be here. Haha, just kidding, he blows. [Puck Daddy]
  • Jarome Iginla joins Gartner, Jagr, Esposito, Gretzky, Bobby Hull, Dionne, Bossy, Kurri and Sittler in an exclusive club: scoring 30+ goals a season for 10 straight seasons. [Toronto Sun]
  • Concussions are important because Sidney Crosby has one. [Montreal Gazette]

Other Stuff

  • Carnie really enjoys this music visualization site. If you're bored with your pack-in visualizations, check this site out. [Apex VJ]
  • Alex Ovechkin has been called up to the big time... the NFL. [The Onion] (Related video: [The Onion])
  • Some shit you didn't know about Toy Story. [Buzzfeed]

Monday Video

This song is the best song in any soundtrack ever.

See you at tonight's game.

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