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Wednesday Links: Bring Out Your Dead Edition

Plonk! TechnoViking commands you to dance.
Plonk! TechnoViking commands you to dance.

One of the funnier observations from Monday night was about the pre-game video deal with all the names flying at the screen while that orchestra crescendo from Sgt. Pepper plays. There are barely any names on the thing. Watch it Thursday night. It looks so pathetic.

Blues News

  • Berglund and Hensick are hurt now, too. Their status for tonight is uncertain. Would anybody else like to get hurt. Come on, don't be shy. [P-D]
  • While the season is lost, Jeff Gordon thinks there is still something to gain. You know, like money. [P-D]
  • Resident Post-Dispatch fat-ass Bernie Miklasz says what we've all been saying since the trade deadline: try, Blues.  Try. [P-D]
  • Return of Halak. OH MY GAWD. You knew that he'd be back. HERE HE IS. [P-D]
  • Columbus *sigh* again tonight. Puck drops at 6 PM CST. [CBS Sports]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Speaking of being dead, Montreal left winger Max Pacioretty sure looked it after getting bulldozed by Zdeno Chara. The Mullet doesn't think Chara will be receiving any discipline. [ESPN]
  • The Blackhawks' 8-game win streak was snapped by the Florida fucking Panthers. Brutal. [P-D]
  • Luca Sbisa got a nice, 4-year extension with the Ducks. [OC Register]
  • Wysh with a retrospective look at the Bertuzzi incident. [Puck Daddy]
  • Somebody is trying to sell a hockey stick-shaped french fry from Burger King for $8,888 (a la "Grilled Cheesus"). I wish I just typed something that wasn't true right now. [Puck Daddy]
  • Justin Bourne, who always writes great articles, speaks the obvious: hockey players smell like ass. [Puck Daddy]
  • Stalemate in the desert. Just what we needed! [FSN Arizona]
  • Ex-Badger Blake Geoffrion is coming up huge for Nashville. [Sports Madison]
  • Somebody gon' buy da Thrashers so people can not care about them for years to come. [Sporting News]

Other Stuff

  • How to beat Watson, the Jeopardy computer. [Fred's posterus]
  • Donald Duck invented 5 things. Inception is one of them. Start your wackjob theories. [Cracked]
  • I could look at these pictures all day: Fascinating Underground Homes. [Jetsetta]

Wednesday Video

This guy lays the smackdown with his Pokemon.

GDT later tonight. See you there.

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