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Chris Stewart is all that is man. Blues beat Jackets in OT.

Chris Stewart. What else needs to be said?
Chris Stewart. What else needs to be said?

Most nights I like to do this wrap up to throw out a couple of my observations of the game. What went well, what went poorly, what was funny. You know, more senseless rambling.

Tonight, however, I was at a kid's hockey tryout and missed everything except overtime. On the plus side, I got to see an unbelievable goal by Chris Stewart to get the win for the Blues.

Fot the rest of this wrap up, however, let's turn the tables, shall we? You tell me what I missed in the comments. Do like we do and skip the AP write up - tell me what the trends were and what was great and what was bad. Also, feel free to write your best comparison for what Chris Stewart is to this team. I wrote one on Monday night that I liked a bit. . . your turn now.

Thanks in advance for teaching me what up.

Game in St. Louis tomorrow against Halak's old team. Can't wait to see that one.