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Cal & Gary @ Blues GDT

I just got a reminder how quickly the end of the season is approaching. When you start one of these here gamethreads, you get a pulldown menu to choose which game on the schedule the thread is for and you click this green plus sign thing. It's very easy. The list usually has 10 games on the pull down to choose from. When I got to the list just now, there were only six green plus signs left. Damn.

Being affiliated with this website and the paper we do for home games is awesome and I hope the ride keeps going. But it will end at some point and I will look back and think about how much time it has all taken and how cool it was to get some notoriety with this endeavor, good and bad. I will miss it. Much like this season. We got lots of attention during the hot start and with the injuries and then with the trades before the deadline. In October, I couldn't wait for the next game. In January I couldn't wait for April. Now I kind of wish it was still January.

That 10-goal game was awesome. Don't know when we'll see another like it unless the Wings traded their fifth-string goalie last night to Calgary.

One more note and you can go back to ignoring me. Kelly Chase, Blues radio broadcaster, was on the Cardinals broadcast for a minute yesterday on KMOX. He stopped by the booth and Mike "Moon Man" Shannon put him on the air. I don't know how many pitches we missed as they proceeded to start talking and laughing, but it was great. Chaser should make a stop by the booth every game.

This is your game day thread. Comment like I broke it all down like a real sports blog.