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I'm on fire! I'm on fire! Blues beaten by Flames.

I like to oversimplify my analysis of teams and of games. Because I'm a simpleton. At least, I think that's the word you use for people who like to make things simple, right?

Anyway, simplifying game-prep for the Calgary Flames for me comes down to the same statement I've used for the better part of a decade now: Stop Jarome Iginla and don't let Miikka Kiprusoff take over the game and the Blues will win. All you have to do is beat two players and you beat the Flames.

Tonight, Jarome Iginla scored two goals and added an assist, meaning that he was a primary on all three goals his team scored, Kiprusoff stopped 92.5% of the shots he faced (25 of 27 shots).

Simpleton, my ass.

Bullet points? Bullet points.


  • Kevin Shattenkirk has been compared to Brian Campbell and Brian Rafalski. Whatever, compare him to whatever offensive defenseman you want to, just don't tell Colorado. Shattenkirk has shown more creativity and offensive flair in just 22 games in St. Louis than we saw in two and half years here.
  • Jaroslav Halak something something still not giving up on him something something.
  • Talking to someone out front tonight before the game who made a great point: Pretty gutsy for Barret Jackman to come back and play when we all thought his season was over. Still think the team is better when Ian Cole is playing instead of Jackman.
  • The Blues were officially eliminated from the playoffs tonight. #thanksbutImwaypastgivingashit


Blues go to Columbus for Sunday afternoon game. It couldn't mean less, but let's hope for a beat down, shall we?