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Wednesday Links: Playoffs, Playoffs Everywhere Edition

I don't feel like writing a big intro today. The playoffs begin today, so here's Game Time's "Fuck List:"

  1. Chicago
  2. Detroit
  3. Pittsburgh

Blues/Rivermen News

  • AHL Playoffs start tonight. Go Rivs! But don't wear that jersey ever again! We might have a GDT tonight.
  • Doug Armstrong is speaking. You sit down and listen. [P-D]
  • So the Blues didn't make the playoffs again. Screw it, I say! Here's ten reasons why you should still be happy for your favorite, cursed team. [P-D]
  • As an award-winning Internet journalist ("Least Coherent," 2009 Blogumn Awards), I expertly reported on yesterday's draft lottery. Here's more coverage of the conditional pick that's going to Denver. [P-D]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Edmonton had the most balls, but New Jersey's were bigger. The Devils move up 4 spots by winning the draft lottery. [Puck Daddy]
  • The 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs: expect the usual, clichéd headlines. [ESPN]
  • It's the playoffs. Don't tell Joe Thornton. [Bleacher Report]
  • Marc Crawford got axed after two-years, tying his career low from his last coaching stint with L.A. [SB Dallas]
  • North Dakota kids be gettin' swiped up by NHL teams like crazy this week. [Bismarck Tribune]
  • Playoff beards: they're not just for fans anymore. [WGRZ Buffalo]
  • Whoever buys the NHL media rights will be paying the most in league history. [Sporting News]
  • With Montreal and Boston locking up once again in the post-season, there are many questions. My only question is, "Who is a bad enough dude to beat the hell out of Zdeno Chara?" According to this writer, it's going to be a Habs fan. [Neon Tommy]
  • Veterans: they lead. [Tbo]

Other Stuff

  • I've always said that Angry Birds needed more blood. Here's your time-killing Flash game of the day. [Armor Games]
  • A database of movie fuck-ups. [Movie Mistakes]
  • 6 Terrifying Skulls of Adorable Animals. [Cracked]

Wednesday Video

I dare you to try and not laugh at this video.

I cannot control myself.

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