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Thursday Links: Aeros Cruise, Rivermen Lose Edition

He be scorin' 'n' shit, oooo weeeee...
He be scorin' 'n' shit, oooo weeeee...

Blues/Rivermen News

  • Peoria dropped Game 1 to Houston in a 4-1 loss. Adam Cracknell did work, but that's all the Rivermen could muster. []
  • Kevin Shattenkirk, Ty Conklin and... Chris Porter(?!) were named to the U.S. National Team for this year's IIHF World Championships. It's not too late to join the Chris Porter Fan Club. [Blues]
  • Yeah, Rutherford did some Q&As with a few players, but they were stupid and were all like "effort, injuries hurt, next year, etc." Fuck it.

NHL/Hockey News

  • Big news from AHL HQ: to better the development of prospects, the AHL season has been reduced to 76 games instead of 80 and a week has been added to the schedule. The opening playoff series will be shrunk to 5-games, too. I think this is a great idea. [Canadian Press]
  • The vote passed by a slim margin. Hear what the Manitoba Moose think of it. [Toronto Sun]
  • Rangers blowin' it again. They lose 2-1 in OT to Washington after a blast from Alexander Semin. [Puck Daddy]
  • Despite the 2-0 shutout, the Hawks and Canucks played an up-and-down game that was exciting to watch. Luongo gets another playoff goose-egg to put up in his trophy case. [NHL]
  • The Predators were the only visiting team last night to win a game. They pounded the Ducks and their shitty third jerseys. [Globe and Mail]
  • Short-handed Pittsburgh somehow shutdown the potent Lightning. Nobody cared because Crosby didn't score. [NHL]
  • Detroit took out the desert dogs in front of one sleeper of a crowd. [NHL]
  • The NHL grossed a record-high 2.9 billion dollars this season. Gimme summa that money, guy! [MSNBC]
  • The Kings/Sharks series looks to be the most intriguing match-up of the quarterfinals. [Long Beach Press]
  • Apparently, the likely move to Winnipeg distracted the Coyotes last night. Some guy questions if the potential owners in Winnipeg are willing to lose money if and when a team returns. [SportsNet]

Other Stuff

Thursday Video

Fuck it, more WeeklyTubeShow, because I find black people dubbing over shitty, confusing anime hysterical.

Hartigan has the sword for the weekend. Bacon? Likely.

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