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Friday Links: I Miss Pluto Edition

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It's been how many days since the Blues last played? Without them filling up my free time, I'm left to my own thoughts. Enter: Pluto.

In other news, snaps for Poor College Student for covering for me last week! He's the best linker/commentator.

Blues News:

  • Stewart and Petro will be representin' Canada next year. Good job. boys. [Blues]
  • I am not going to pretend to understand Nielson ratings. The Nielsen Co.says the Blues break their cable TV viewing record. [Post Dispatch]

  • Continual sad news of the year: Frenchie is still experiencing symptoms. I wish I could help someway. [Post Dispatch]

Hockey News:

  • A new rule in Detroit could fine people for throwing octopi onto the ice. [KuklasKorner]

  • Miller AND Price blanked the opposition. []

  • Sharks win thriller of a first game. [Fear The Fin]

  • I love the idea of the Yelnats Cup Playoffs. I loathe the idea of being down 0-1 to the Avalanche. Let's Go Blues! [in a completely fictitious NIT-like bracket] [Hockey Wilderness]

  • Crosby will be a new eye in the sky for the Pens. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

  • This month a cash call, next month a world wide telethon. Jazz Hands! [Winnipeg Free Press]

  • But what about the Moose?! Don't worry, the AHL has a Plan B. [The Globe and Mail}

  • Ouch, a stick to the face and then two root canals. St. Louis is one tough M.F. [The Hockey News]

  • Oh yeah, this is still happening. Montreal police are still investigating Zdeno Chara, but they don't seem too invested. [The Hockey News]

  • Because who doesn't like some gentle ribbing against P. Kane? [Orland Kurtenblog]

Other Stuff:

  • Holy sound stage, terrible idea man! That's right, Batman is now a theatre production in the UK. Actually, I'd probably go see it if I were in London. [Showbiz]
  • When I see "NAMBLA" I think of the Blues. But they want Justin Bieber so I know it's not the same group. [The Daily What]


Corgi goes flop.

Epic Meal Time just gets stranger and stranger, but I don't think I could ever be a vegetarian.

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