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Tuesday Links: Falling Asleep Watching Hockey Edition

Another Red Wings beat-down put me to sleep. Fuck Detroit.
Another Red Wings beat-down put me to sleep. Fuck Detroit.

Oh, man, you guys, I am sorry about the tardiness of this morning's links. This one is entirely my fault. I was watching the PHX/DET game last night and I fell asleep. I'm on my lunch break right now, so here are some quickie links.

Blues/Rivermen News

  • Halak's not going to be distracted next year. He will be focused. Payne will not be bald next year. He will still have a bird's nest on his head. [P-D]
  • Houston rallied to beat Peoria 5-3 last night to take a 3-0 series lead. You can watch the sweep tomorrow night. [Rivermen]

NHL/Hockey News

  • San Jose to L.A.: trololololololol. [Puck Daddy]
  • Pheonix actually had people show up to a game last night, which means that they don't want the team to leave. Right, okay, suuuure. [Puck Daddy]
  • NBC Sports and Versus won the bidding war vs. ESPN and will be broadcasting NHL games for TEN YEARS. TEN MORE YEARS of being on an inferior network. Good going, NHL. Dipshits. [Broadcasting & Cable]
  • Your Calder finalists. Kevin Shattenkirk didn't make the cut. [NHL]
  • There have already been many suspensions this playoffs and another one might be coming. [Pittsburgh Post Gazette]
  • Gawk at Carrie Underwood. [Sporting News]
  • There were 559 concussions dealt to players between 1997 and 2004. Staggering. [L.A. Times]
  • Bruce Boudreau to MSG: Fuck youuuuuuuu. [ESPN]

Other Stuff

  • Photos of famous locations, featuring people from 1945 and 2010. Super cool. [9gag]
  • A great ad campaign lets you know that life's too short for the wrong job. [Daily Dawdle]
  • Michael Jordan is so rich. [Humorpix]

Tuesday Video

BBC Human Planet presents: The Douche.

Back to work.

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