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Saturday Links: 60 Minutes of Hockey May Be Too Much Edition

Third periods don't seem to be the Blues strength.

Blues News:

  • It was so nice of the Blues to help Iginla reach 1,000 points. [Post Dispatch]

  • Spring means one thing. The Blues playing second fiddle to the Cardinals. [Blues]
  • Blues hope the Riverman stay in the playoff race. [Post Dispatch]

  • Alex Pietrangelo + Bleacher Report + Case for Calder = discuss [Bleacher Report]

Hockey News:

  • DGB's annual April Fools Post. [Down Goes Brown]

  • Oh Pittsburgh, those jokers. Article states Cooke is done in Pittsburgh, in jest, of course. [The Pittsburgh Herald]

  • That sucks. Dennis Wideman has a hematoma and is out indefinitely. [CBC]

  • Frozen Four! Non Sequitor! Concussions! [Puck Daddy]

  • Hockey stars are selling their mementos due to a lack of storage space. [The Hockey News]

  • Confession: I've listened to "Friday" so many times, I know all the lyrics and sing it all the time. Now I have a James Reimer/Rebecca Black parody so I can switch it up a bit. [Puck Daddy]

  • Something hockey related in Sports Illustrated. []

  • The Canucks have no idea what to do with the Presidents' Trophy and curse. What should they do, what should they do? [Orland Kurtenblog]

  • If there is going to be a hockey culture change, it has to start at the grassroots level. [CBC]

Other Stuff:

  • As someone who has post-it notes with phone numbers and notes stuck on her phone, the iPad and I may never get together. Still, 11 things the iPad can and can't replace. []

  • KEGASUS! Who's going to the Preakness? Uiwwildthing2 wants us to go. Let's do it! []

  • In the words of uiwwildthing2, "we're doomed." #25 is my favorite. [The Lost Eyeball]


beer good is pretty sure the guy is a Wings fan. I think his friends were just looking out for him by trying to make him focus on something other than the hot pepper he just consumed.

Oshie's crib a la childhoodtrama:

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