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Thursday Links: Double Overtime With the Super Suspension Bros. Edition

Even if the Blues aren't in them, I love the NHL playoffs so much. The games are so exciting from start to finish, unless they involve the Phoenix Coyotes. Last night, we were treated to two games in double overtime simultaneously. Were you a bad enough dude and watched these games last night? If so, let's go get a burger.

Blues News

  • The only thing I've got Blues-related is a player-by-player review of the roster from our new friend Michael at Blue Men on Ice. Check 'em out if you need a Note fix. Currently, he's reviewing the part-time players who spent most of their time in the AHL. [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Double Overtime #1: Caps come back from 3-0 to win. [Washington Post]
  • Double Overtime #2: James Neal finally pays dividends and nets the game winner to give the Penguins a 3-1 series lead. [Fox Sports]
  • The Red Wings embarrassed the Coyotes for the fourth straight game to sweep 'em off to another city. [Sporting News]
  • Don't fuckin' criticize Ryan Miller. He's an American hero. He also shut your ass up by shutting out Philly. [Examiner]
  • Yahoo takes a look at the greatest playoff upsets in recent memory. If you read that sentence and thought "President Trophy-winning Blues lose San Jose in 7," congratulations. It's on this list. [Yahoo]
  • The NHL goofed up and gave the Blackhawks a goal on Monday night. Since Chicago wasn't playing St. Louis, the NHL admitted fault. Dick chuggers. [The Province]
  • This guy thinks that Matt Cooke doesn't deserve to be suspended through the first round of the playoffs due to all of the suspensions handed out in the first round being as bad, if not worse, than Cooke's hit in question. Astonishing theory, professor. [Pittsburgh Tribune]
  • But, seriously, do you remember ever seeing so many suspensions in the post-season? When will people learn to stop hitting each other in the head, especially if they don't have the puck? [Bleacher Report]
  • Steve Yzerman just got to Tampa and he's already being lauded for GM of the Year. As most Blues fans are with any team, I'm jealous that Tampa was able to turn it around so quickly and the Blues still can't. [DFP]

Other Stuff

  • Create your own Pac-Man maze and add to the world's largest maze. It's like the AIDS quilt... but for Pac-Man and significantly less sad. [World's Biggest Pac-Man]
  • The big entertainment news yesterday was Lady Gaga shooting down Weird Al's parody of "Born This Way." Things turned quickly, as Gaga was never made aware of it because her manager is a dick. "Perform This Way" will now be on his new album and he promises a ridiculous video. [[The Song] [Gaga Says Yes]
  • Animated GIFs are fucking cool sometimes. [CHZgifs]

Thursday Video

I want this movie to be the official movie of Game Time. It wouldn't replace the puppies rapping to "Still," as that's the official video (for those keeping score at home).

I won't be here next week. I'm moving to Burbank for good. I haven't told PCS that he should cover for me. I should probably do that.

Also, today is gallagher's birthday. Wish him well with drunken bullet points as to why you love him.

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