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Saturday Links: Piece of [Carrot] Cake Edition

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It's Earth Day which means I'll be watching hockey all day.  If I drink locally brewed beer while watching, that's helping the Earth, right?

A couple of teams looking to close out a series today, and I'm predicting lots of good hockey.

Blues News:

  • The Blues have lots of room to grow. You know, assuming an owner and a healthy Perron. [USA Today]
  • Bettman believes the Blues will be bought and will stay in St. Louis. [Post Dispatch]

Hockey News:

  • Bettman can't be any happier. On top of giving the Blackhawks the number 8 seed [and planting seeds of doubt and worry into the Canucks a la Inception], landing a huge TV contract and having some support of hockey in the South [re: Glavine], Betty is also pleased with the NHL concussion protocol. [CBC Sports]

  • Bourne serves up his explanation of road teams winning, well, on the road. [Puck Daddy]
  • Kreiser pulls out some stats that home teams aren't winning because they haven't been scoring first. [NHL]
  • Exciting game last night between the Sabres and Flyers. An early lead for the Sabres then the Flyers bounce back forcing OT where a rebound was jammed into the goal. Also, the Sabres were the road team. Try that on for size. [CBC Sports]

  • So many OTs, so little time. Preds and Ducks take it past 60 minutes, too. Spoiler Alert: Road team who scored first won. [The Hockey News]

  • Vezina picks are in, and Price was snubbed. Expected or not? [The Star]
  • Our favorite Thrasher's fan has a post on Glavine's interest in the team. [Thrashing the Blues]
  • Bahahaha. Gufaw. Gut-busting laugh. Nabokov's contract will most likely be tolled. [Islanders University]

Other Stuff:

  • Not that there was any debate, but Futurama > Glee. [The Daily What]
  • Ranking the funniest characters of The Office. From least funniest to funniest. Andy is not funny. [nerve]
  • Push-pops + cupcakes = PushCakes. [cakespy]


The Game Time inbox has received this video more than once. It's not really safe for work, but I watched it there anyway.

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