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Thursday Links: Eric Brewer and Jamal Mayers are in the second round edition

Clearly, no team can win with Eric Brewer playing important defensive minutes down the stretch.

Blues News:

  • Panger's life on the road gets profiled in this latest JR piece. Today is Thursday the 28th and this is Game Time. [Post-Dispatch]

NHL News:

  • Nathan Horton doesn't play for the Panthers anymore. In fact, his OT winner sent the Habs exiting the building and the playoffs. Clutch goals generally help ease the pain of being traded away from all of that "gorgeous snatch in F-L-A." [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • And a matchup of two offensively talented teams (at least in the regular season) led to a whopping 1-0 blowout. If Tampa can put together steady goaltending like they've had and get a few of their offensive stars going, this is a team that has a real good chance to hoist the cup. [Raw Charge]
  • Someone dares to state that Toews doesn't deserve the Selke award in addition to making claims that some of the votes are purely reputation based. In other news, I recently filled out my MLB all-star ballot with Ken Griffey, Jr and Mike Piazza as starters for the National League. [The Score]
  • This makes me a happy PT student/sports fan. The more studies they do on concussions and head trauma, the more understanding that the NHL and medical fields can gain and find an appropriate treatment with possible prevention in mind. [TSN]
  • I wasn't aware of this, but it seems that Don Cherry enjoys wearing the occasionally odd-colored suit. Wonder if this will catch on. [Puck Daddy]
  • Vancouver/Nashville kicks off the second round tonight. The local SBNation Predators operation tries to figure out how to plan and stop the Sedin twins. [On the Forecheck]
  • The Canucks have their own preview, naturally. [Nucks Miscounduct]
  • Personally, I could take or leave the Anaheim Ducks either way, but even I'm rooting hard for one more year of Teemu. [TSN]
  • Wysh speaks of the 2nd round and what they're thinking out at Puck Daddy HQ [Puck Daddy]

Other Stuff:

  • It lacks mention of Frankenstein('s monster) and the FedEx pope, but these minor Conan characters certainly made me laugh on more than one occasion. [Splitsider]
  • More from the SLGT book club: This'll get your children sleeping through the night. [High Definite]


CT combines a priest joke and pedobear in one video. I'm wondering why this didn't come to the light of GT sooner.


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