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Saturday Links: It's All in the Details Edition

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During the regular season, hockey fans unite around their favorite team. During the post season, we cheer or jeer for teams for any number of reasons - big or small. 

For the cheering: They are playing the Wings. Boston really is quite lovely in the fall. Their goalie looks like a drunk hobo with a name like a ninja apprentice.

For the jeering: They are the Wings. Their airport sucks, where is concourse F? Wow, my sister grows a better playoff beard than that goalie.

Blues News:

  • Blues News will take a critical eye to all of our players taking part in hockey worlds, because that's the only way we can find something to put here.
  • First up, Cola ships off to Europe to do what he does best - wear sunglasses at night. [Blues]
  • Oh, Bleacher Report gives the Blues a report card. [Bleacher Report]

Hockey News:

  • The NHL had great a great showing at the Royal Wedding yesterday. I KNEW I saw Don Cherry, but at 5 am it's really hard to tell. [Houses of the Hockey]

  • Take it away Fear the Fin! Tell 'em how you beat the Wings last night. YAY! [FTF]

  • The Predators didn't like the outcome of game one [they lost, of course they didn't like it], so they vow to destroy the Canucks, or something like that. [The Hockey News]

  • A round up of day one for hockey worlds. USA plays today. U-S-A. U-S-A. U-S-A. [Yahoo! News]

  • In sizing up the competition, Alzner places Downie high on the "Sean Avery Scale." A Sean Avery Scale, hmmm, that's a great measure for douchiness. []

  • What went wrong this season? [Down Goes Brown]

  • Coach of the Year Award! Get it while it's hot! [Puck Daddy]

  • And the hatred continues. A Capitals blog writes the Penguins Eulogy. [Puck Daddy]

  • Matt Cooke thinks he let down his teammates in the playoffs. I think he confused helping the pitiful power play with putting the other team on a power play. [Sporting News]

Other Stuff:

  • TWSS coming to a DEviaNT computer near you. [One Per Cent]

  • I think my kindergarten class would have greatly benefited from this Simpsons characters as a letter poster. Look how cute Santa's Little Helper is! [Simphabet]


Go USA at worlds!

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