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Monday Links: The Final Week Edition

We had a rare trifecta of winning yesterday. Blues won, Cardinals won and Randy Orton won. Everything St. Louis must win!

Blues News

  • Blues routed the hapless BJs. That sounds like the worst kind of BJ. [P-D]
  • As Brad Lee noted yesterday, Mandi Scwartz passed away at 23 yesterday. SLGT sends our thoughts and condolences to the Schwartz family. [P-D]
  • On Thursday, May 12th, you can celebrate Bloozocky after the season ends with the Monday Night Miracle Silver Anniversary Celebration. [Blues]
  • Blue Men on Ice takes a look at "the trade," 20 games later. Erik Johnson and his band of nobodies will be in town tomorrow night. [Blue Men on Ice]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Death Watch. [Puck Daddy]
  • A monster ECHL fight between the Stingrays and the Everblades. [Puck Daddy]
  • The writers who decide what awards should be handed out in a meaningless ceremony are protesting and it's the Islanders' fault. [Courier Post]
  • While that happens, CBC previews the awards show. [CBC]
  • The dream is over: New Jersey eliminated from playoff contention. They don't get a high draft pick and they are knocked from the post-season. Y'all messed up. [ShortNews]
  • Who's going to be dangerous this postseason? The Blackhawks aren't on this list. [Bleacher Report]
  • After having their playoff importance minimalized last year, shootouts now will have no affect on playoff seedings. Took them a while. [SJ Mercury]
  • Optimus Reim is your rookie of the month. [NBC]
  • Dallas defeated Anaheim last night to stave off elimination. [SB Nation]
  • Predators forward Colin Wilson talks about his inspiring grandfather, a man who started the Sweed sensation in the NHL. [The Tennessean]

Other Stuff

  • It wouldn't be a day with me if I didn't show you some cool thing to play around with in your browser. [WonderFL]
  • Will iPods be powered by our hearts? These guys think it's possible in the next 5 years. [Tree Hugger]
  • TV-Ark is one of my favorite websites and I'm fairly sure I haven't shown it here yet. It's basically a museum of television's past. [TV-Ark]

Monday Video

It's Pikachu.

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