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Tuesday Links: Back at 4 AM Edition

Check these links, then check some things I have to say past the jump. If you were complaining in the comments yesterday, it's a message for you.

Blues News

  • Erik Johnson loves to speak in the third person. Erik Johnson loves third-person shooters. Erik Johnson loves to have a third-person during intercourse [expletive] his rear. He's back tonight. [P-D]
  • Question of the night: should the Blues win? They'll have a better chance at their No. 1 pick in 2011 if they do, but, as mentioned above, EJ is back with a team the Blues haven't beaten in what seems like forever. Decisions, decisions. [P-D]
  • St. Louisan, Son of a Pissed-Off Dad and Avalanche forward Peter Statsny will not be playing tonight due to a leg injury. [ESPN]

NHL/Hockey News

  • I brought you a news story yesterday that involved a boycott by NY hockey writers of the awards. Wysh is here to tell you that I was wrong and that it does matter. Lay it on me, yo. [Puck Daddy]
  • Broad Street Hockey talks perspective. [Broad Street Hockey]
  • A list of the great players to ever wear #1. [Bleacher Report]
  • Another list: top storylines to watch for during this final week of the season. [Sporting News]
  • A deep playoff run could help the Coyotes stay in Phoenix. Good joke, bro. [Bizjournals]
  • With the outcomes from last night, Toronto's chances for the playoffs are slim to none. [Toronto Star]
  • Daniel Alfredsson is done for the season (or what's left of it) with back problems. Will he return for a 16th season? [Montreal Gazette]
  • What will the Central Division this post-season? Could it produce yet another champion? [Bleacher Report]
  • Alexi Kovalev will be playing in his 1300th NHL game when Pittsburgh faces New Jersey. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
  • Hjeda of the BJs will be out for 2 games with a swift suspension. [ESPN]

Other Stuff

  • Be a huge nerd/cool guy by building a Zelda treasure chest that plays that trademark jingle when it opens. [Instructables]
  • Things: You're Doing Them Wrong. [Cracked]
  • I'm sure I haven't shown this either. I used this website a lot during college. Have you ever been allowed to e-mail your paper to your professor? Are you unable to finish it on time? Well, send them a corrupt document with Document Corrupter. It is a godsend. [Document Corrupter]

Tuesday Video

Hi, my name is George Bush and these are some of the greatest bum songs ever written...

Now it's time for my cool story for people who like to bitch about meaningless shit.

I saw some bitchin' and moanin' from a select few readers yesterday on how the links have gone up around 10-11 AM for the last week. First off, is this something worth complaining about? Secondly, if you love the links so much, you should've noticed me opening the links last week talking about my Internet problems. That would require reading on your part, whiners, but here's what happened: my box intermittently failed to connect to AT&T, which required them to manually restart it after I was unable to via the manual, meaning if it went out around midnight (when I do the links), I would be hosed until I called them the next morning to restart it. Yesterday, they did tests and outright replaced my box. Now, I can do to what I prefer doing: setting the links to publish at 4 AM at midnight.

Still got a problem with that, fuckface? Take a step back... and fuck your own face.

Monologue over.

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