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Wednesday Links: Last Train to Chicago Edition

Referee farts are the worst.
Referee farts are the worst.

While I made some EJ jokes yesterday, I'm with gallagher. Why were people booing him when he touched the puck last night? On a related note, why do some Blues fans boo Chris Pronger when he comes back into town? Save your booing for someone who deserves it.

Blues News

  • Like the Blackhawks. They deserve it. Chicago is walking the fine line between chasing the cup and chasing their golf balls. The Blues can help them reach the latter tonight. [P-D]
  • After getting swept by Colorado last year and losing the first three meetings this year, the Blues finally beat the Avalanche last night. Even stupid Dan O'Neill questions your booing and he's stupid. [P-D]
  • Kevin Shattenkirk reminded his former team how rad he is by attaining first star honors last night. [Denver Post]
  • This isn't a link, but I thought I'd throw something out here. While Barrett Jackman was awesome last night, he was throwing punches on a downed opponent during his misconduct-worthy fight. He will more than likely be fined and/or suspended.

NHL/Hockey News

  • I've always liked Marty Turco, even though he plays for the Blackhawks now. His hilarious antics continue as he makes monetary wagers with fans from his back-up position on the bench. [Puck Daddy]
  • However, Troy Brouwer and the rest of Chicago can eat a standard bag of dicks (which, by the way, is 13). He lined up Lars Eller, missed and injured his shoulder. Guess who's not playing tonight? [Puck Daddy]
  • Scores from around the league for last night. [Winnipeg Free Press]
  • Vancouver meathead Raffi Torres destroyed one of Edmonton's young stars, Jordan Eberle. Suspension worthy? I think so. [Puck Daddy]
  • Playoff hero Michael Leighton and his one-way contract are returning from the minors for the Flyers' playoff run. [ESPN]
  • Ovechkin scored his 300th goal last night, but doesn't care. He wants the cup. [Reuters]
  • With that goal, the Caps clinched the Southeast. Montreal also avoids a late-season collapse and locks in a playoff spot. []
  • Bleacher Report gets all Mel Kiper Jr. for the 2011 NHL Draft, except without the douchebaggery and eating up all of ESPN's time with stupid laboratory segments. [Bleacher Report]
  • One writer of the Detroit Free Press feels that money has tarnished the rivalry between the Avs and the Red Wings. Protip: it's not a rivalry anymore. [BND]
  • As we all know, Mikka Kipprusoff is good. So good that he is the best goalie in Flames history. [Canoe]

Other Stuff

  • There's a lot of fucked up shit in this great country of ours. Find out all about it. [Strange USA]
  • Write your future self. Wait, scratch that, this link is ghey. [FutureMe]
  • Doing everyday things like a badass. Ain't no thang. [CBS]

Wednesday Video

Is it an accomplishment if the instrument you excel at is the recorder?

Bust that shit out once again. It's recorder time!

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