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Blues @ Hawks GDT

David Backes said all the motivation the Blues need tonight is that they can hurt the Blackhawks' playoff chances. Sold!

Don't know if we've run this one on the site yet. If it's a repeat, don't tell anyone how it ends because I actually like No. 1 the best.

Top 11 Signs The Blues Have Money Problems

11. Hockey tape replaced with packing tape. Used packing tape.

10. Towel Boy got moved to the Blues shoot once end.

9. T.J. Oshie almost missed the team bus to Phoenix.

8. Pro scouts using NHL 11 on xbox for material to write reports for upcoming opponents.

7. Your usher for tonight, minority owner Tom Stillman.

6. Payroll last week was half met by unused Blizzard coupons that expired in December.

5. Next call-up from Peoria has to wear Brad Boyes old number. And lettering.

4. Ray Vinson wouldn't even agree to consolidate the team's debt. (High five!)

3. Tom Calhoun's "One minute left in this period" now sponsored by Chico Bail Bonds.

2. If the lights flicker tonight, it's not for dramatic effect.

1. Controlling owner changed his name to Dave Dontcashthatcheckjustyet.

This is your game day thread. Act like you get paid by the word.