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Friday Links: Trying to figure out what Hartigan is doing edition

Unless Hartigan's phone did some autocorrect voodoo, she's at a "mountain closing party."

I have no idea what one of those is and will gladly distribute Schrutebucks to anyone who can provide me with an answer.

And you've got me linking you through the weekend, by the way.

Blues News:

  • To: Blackhawks. From: NHL. Contents: One free goal for starting a comeback rally. [Post-Dispatch]
  • Luvhockey still misses Craig Conroy. I still miss Craig Conroy. We all still miss Craig Conroy. [Belleville News Democrat]
  • Got $50 bucks to spare on a Friday? Rather than meet up with Oshie on the East Side, try donating to a good cause while meeting Chris Goddamn Stewart (among other Blues). []

NHL News:

  • Yzerman (he's GMing the Lightning now, remember?) will ask all of his players to wear visors next year: 1) Ron McLean is going to have a helluva time playing the sober yin to Don Cherry's raging yang as Grapes responds to this on Coach's Corner this Saturday. 2) No matter where you stand on the issue of visors, I firmly believe they will be made mandatory by the end of the decade. Write that shit down. Or save this link. Whatever. (Gracias, LuvHockey) [NBC Sports]
  • Fuck everything that's actually taken place on the ice that's, you know, "good." One writer maintains that an injury to HockeyJesus and the moronic play by a Pittsburgh cohort will be the lasting story of the 2010-11 season. [TSN]
  • The latest seafood to hit the ice? That'd be the mighty salmon, last seen on the ice of the Vancouver Canucks. Wake me up when they get an orca onto the playing surface. [Puck Daddy]
  • Zetterberg won't be playing as the Wings finish out the regular season. Rest assured, he'll probably be back for the playoffs, so at least we won't have to worry about that. [TSN]
  • Adam Foote has retired, leaving the Quebec Nordiques with no members currently in the NHL. [Puck Daddy]

Other Stuff:

  • I'm never one to pass up educating you bastards on Star Trek. Kirk > Picard. Your argument is invalid. [EgoTV]
  • And just to pacify the Star Wars crowd, here's one for you all. However, it's only about the shitty prequels. Jokes on you, suckers. [Collegehumor]
  • I may or may not have come across the cologne that Gary Bettman blew his load in thanks to an e-mail from Marcus. [Fargginay]
  • Easter Eggs that you never noticed in video games. Either that or they were photoshopped. [Cracked]


Thanks to Spectr, we can now finally figure out who throws down the illest rhymes: Darth Vader vs. Hitler.

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