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Saturday Links: Last Call Edition

Unfortunately, it's been a foregone conclusion that the Blues were missing the playoffs for a while now. That doesn't mean we can't get drunk as shit and cling on to our adopted playoff teams to beat the hell out of Chicago and Detroit. Oh, and there's even one more game for the boys in Blue, as it were. Go figure.

Blues News:

  • Preds are in the house to close out the season. No word if Carrie Underwood is tagging along (god I hope so). [Post-Dispatch]
  • JARO WATER has had ICE JARO WATER in his veins to close out the season for the Blues. JARO WATER!!![Post-Dispatch]

NHL News:

  • Good news! The Hawks can still miss the playoffs. Here's how: [NBC Chicago]
  • Which old guys will retire if they end up making the Cup Finals or raising Lord Stanley's Hardware? Oh, please let Modano retire even if he gets knocked out in round 1. [Sporting News]
  • Andy Miele has won the Hobey Baker award as the finest collegiate player in all the land. Before you pencil him in as a solid NHLer and potential HOFer, consider that Peter Sejna once won the Hobey Baker award. [TSN]
  • Once upon a time, the Coyotes decided to give away a diamond to try and boost attendance. Unfortunately, the winning ticket never came forward. Good for the 'Yotes, though, as they will be giving away the rock as part of Fan Appreciation Day. [Puck Daddy]
  • And if anybody's going to have in depth coverage of who has what sort of chance to make/break the playoffs, it'll be Wysh. Check back at his place for the latest in playoff scenarios. At least I hope they have the best coverage of the odds and scenarios. If you've found a spot that has a better analysis of what needs to happen for a team to make/move/break the playoffs, let us know in the comments. [Puck Daddy]
  • DGB wouldn't pass up a chance for a post on playoff etiquette. [Down Goes Brown]

Other Stuff:

  • In Soviet Union, Ivan Drago is focus of movie. As you might've expected. [Cracked]
  • I knew who made Three Men and a Baby, but I didn't know shit on the rest of these unlikely films. [Cracked]
  • Signs you should just skip the boring class next time around. [Daily Mail UK]


The Schlafly folks have gotten with the times and figured out how to get beer into you in a quicker fashion. Some other Flick family member has video proof.

How's about closing out the season with a winner, eh?

Also, fuck Chicago and go Dallas!

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