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Blues beat Preds in last game of the season: Oshie goal deemed "insane."

Again, plenty of time to dissect the Blues season in the next few days and weeks. Tonight was special. The last home game of the season is always a party, even when there is no playoff matchup in the offing and tonight was no different.

Rather than talk about the breakdown of the gameplay tonight, let's just say that Jaroslav Halak was awesome, the Blues were flying in front of the fans, Alex Steen got his 20th goal of the season and 100th of his career and T.J. Oshie scored yet another goal that looked like it was straight out of a video game:

When Oshie is riled up and flying, he looks like he could be special. More, please. Is year four the turning point for No. 74? Let's hope so.