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Sunday Links: May Day Edition

To some May Day is Labour Day. To others mayday is a distress call. To me it is the holiday that created one of my two go to costumes - the Maypole.

Blues News:

  • BOOM. USA stomps Austria. Also, let's play "Spot the Blue." [iihf]

Hockey News:

  • Highlights from the Bruins/Flyers game are just brutal on goalies. 10 goals between the two teams. [NHL]
  • The Capitals aren't capitalizing on their power play. Hmm. That's a familiar storyline. [The Washington Post]

  • A brand spanking new hockey statistic to ponder - the Charity Point Index. [PensBurgh]

  • Stealing is not good. Stealing the Cup winning puck? No more reffing for you. [Puck Daddy]

Other Stuff:

  • You never know when you'll be in a heated Rock Paper Scissors battle. Study this chart and you will be the champ. [buzzfeed]

  • Bacon is out. Cake is in. [The Daily What]

  • Sometimes a thump in the dark could possibly be the creature from "Neverending Story" [The Oatmeal]


A ninja for hire. Good for those times when you ... when do you need a ninja?

Chinchilla's are awesome. Case in point.

Hartigan out. If moving went smoothly, Flick will be back tomorrow. Send him some love.

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