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Wednesday Links: San Louis Sharks Edition

Two things that blow: San Jose and Todd Bertuzzi.
Two things that blow: San Jose and Todd Bertuzzi.

Don't knock out a Blues player for the season because your team might catch the suck out of karma. You want to concuss David Perron, Joe Thornton? Well, here, have some of our local flavor: squandering big leads.

Blues News

  • Ty Conklin's stats have been pretty good at the World Championships in his career. He's even better against those pesky Czechs. [Tucson Citizen]
  • (UPDATE) Team USA lost 4-0 to the Czech Republic, so America will be medal-less again this year. [USA Hockey Scores]

NHL/Hockey News

  • For the second time in one playoff bracket, a team has forced a Game 7 after falling behind 3-0. It just had to be Detroit. [NHL]
  • San Jose may be sharks, but it's Detroit who knows that there's blood in the water. The Detroit Free Press takes a look at why the Sharks can't finish. Everybody knows that it's because Patrick Marleau has ED. [DFP]
  • The Coyotes will be staying next season. Shower me with your indifference. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Victoria Salmon Kings, one of the coolest teams ever, is disbanding and has officially withdrawn from the ECHL. Sad day. [Naples News]
  • What's the greatest moment in Salmon King history? Uh... this goal. It's like men playing with boys. [YouTube]
  • Speaking of Czechs, could Jaromir Jagr make a Pittsburgh return? Don't rule The Mullet out. [MSNBC]
  • The NHL has instituted many rules to curb the amount of concussions, but The King of Concussions, Eric Lindros, feels that the new rules have spurred more concussions. [MSNBC]
  • Here's your TV schedule for the Conference Finals, which begin this Saturday. [LA Times]
  • Those French-Canadian cheesedicks will be holding a summit to improve the hockey scene in Quebec. Apparently, there aren't enough Quebec born players in the NHL (not that anybody cared). [Montreal Gazette]

Other Stuff

  • The Super Mario Birthday Party is something you've always wanted to do. Don't lie. [Behemoth]
  • Science says, "lol religion." [Buzzfeed]
  • The mind behind the Men In Black movies is pitting dinosaurs against aliens. Sold. [Deadline]

Wednesday Video

I was prepared to play a video that mocked Detroit, but they won. So, I'll keep mocking the most recent team to be eliminated: Nashville. Video thanks to Anastasia L.

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