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Saturday Edition: WOW. Just, Wow. Edition

Dear World,

What happened yesterday? Thoughts and prayers to everyone affected in any event last night. RIP Derek Boogaard. 



Blues News:

  • Berglund is scoring goals left and right and will be in the finals. [Post Dispatch]

Hockey News:

  • Derek Boogaard Memorial. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • Another crazy happening, Matthew Barnaby was arrested last night. []

  • If you cared, here are the next five locations for hockey worlds. [CBC Sports]

  • Down Goes Brown crosses into NFL territory. [DGB]

  • 10 facts on the city of San Jose written by Canuck fans. [Orland Kurtenblog]

  • Ryan Lambert roasts Detroit and the Red Wings. He uses Joe's favorite picture, and he thinks the Wings "were taken from us far too late." Agreed. [Puck Daddy]

  • Mikael Granlund [who?] scores a ridiculously awesome lacrosse goal at Worlds. [Puck Daddy]


Other Stuff:

  • At work, nothing is more annoying than when people can't hit clear after stopping the microwave early. How hard is that? Not making a fresh pot of coffee when you finish the old one is almost as bad. Luckily, there's a flowchart for that. []

  • This Star Wars bike has a lot going for it, including light saber handlebars. []


A classic. This sketch inspired random outbreaks of the song, "Do You Love Me." Everywhere. Also, a lot more Bailey's drinking. 

BizNasty's commercial debut. Taco Bell? Solid. 

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