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Tuesday Links: Sandbaggin' Brewer Edition

Sure are a lot of stories in my Google news docket talkin' about some great defenseman named Eric Brewer. Did he ever play for the Blues? You'd think I'd remember somebody this great.

Blues News

  • The Blues' ECHL affiliate, the Alaska Aces, are up 2-0 in the Kelly Cup Finals. GO ACES! [Anchorage Daily News]
  • The Blues do what they're best at: playing golf in May. [Fox 2 STL]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Eric Brewer is super great now that he's no longer wearing the Note. That tends to happen with just about anybody who plays here. [Boston Herald]
  • Derek Boogaard died a few days ago, so enough time has passed for people to start soapboxing about head injuries even harder than they were before. [LA Times]
  • It's no secret that the NHL has been clumsy and unfair in regards to the Atlanta situation. Talks continue and disappointment mounts. Tell us, Cox. [Toronto Sun]
  • The Canucks believe that they're not choke artists anymore. Well, that's easy to say when you're playing against bigger choke artists. [The Canadian Press]
  • Since the Predators are a reputable franchise all of a sudden, they should be able to re-sign their star beard, Shea Weber, and land some pieces to spice up their offense. [USA Today]
  • There are rumors that the Winter Classic will take place between the Rangers and Flyers on January 2nd and the Montreal Gazette thinks that's super lame, bro. [Montreal Gazette]
  • Finland's goalie coach tumbled off the plane into his team's IIHF World Championship trophy. Why was the trophy in the fucking way in the first place? Finland is dumb. [Puck Daddy]
  • Wade Redden is one expensive minor leaguer. What is New York going to do? Tell him to ditch hockey and take up acting. That name is beach cop material. [Sports Haze]
  • Playoff viewership is down 8% from last year. I love watching the superior sport that nobody gives a shit about. [Examiner]

Other Stuff

  • The most badass tombstones ever. [Funny or Die]
  • Have some puns, dingus. [CIS]
  • Now I know why 3D is all the rage once again: it can kill Hitler. [BBC]

Tuesday Video

Okay, it's funny that this guy can get a children's toy to curse, but it's the jingle at the end that'll make you laugh the hardest. Tell me if I'm wrong.

Doo doo doodley doo bye bye!

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