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Wednesday Links: Pizza and French Fries Edition

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I'm getting really tired of seeing headlines like "St. Louis' heroics spark comeback" or something and then I click it, disappointed that it's about Martin St. Louis.  Even when the Blues aren't in the playoffs, I stupidly think it's about them. Has anybody else had that happen to them or am I the only idiot in this joint?

Blues News

NHL/Hockey News

  • Daniel Carcillo is a dick, so he's going to sit out the first two games of the 2011-2012 season. [USA Today]
  • The Flyers break even, though, as they signed their 6-foot-7 Finnish goaltender yesterday, bringing their goalie total to a resounding "fuckton." [Philadelphia Daily News]
  • One of the NHL Board of Governors is on board (oh man I am so good) with Atlanta going to Winnipeg. Get it fucking over already. [Winnipeg Free Press]
  • Another sunshine story about Steve Yzerman's transformation of the Tampa Bay Lightning. [Yahoo!]
  • Frenchies are trying to trademark the word "hockey." [Globe and Mail]
  • Tyler Seguin, a scratch for the entirety of the Bruins' playoff run, exploded for a 4-point period last night against Tampa Bay, evening the series at 1. [Puck Daddy]
  • Tim Thomas' bell was rung last night, putting Section 9.5 of the NHL rulebook into action. [Puck Daddy]
  • Down Goes Brown reminds us that Vancouver is, indeed, a part of Canada. [DGB]
  • The LA Times strangely hosts a Toronto Bleacher Report story where the writer suggests that the Maple Leafs sign one of the Kings' cornerstone players in Drew Doughty. [LA Times]
  • The Sabres are set to buy the AHL's Rochester Americans. [USA Today]

Other Stuff

  • It sucks to be in China. It's too crowded and all your watermelons explode. [BBC]
  • Probably the dumbest fashion fad I've ever seen. Will the dipshit who started this pointy shoe business step forward for a taint kick? [Yahoo!]
  • A tribute to the best Pokemon. [EKANS!]

Wednesday Video

Come to Michael Phelps' new restaurant. For the record, this is my favorite YouTube video ever.

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