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Thursday Links: Canucklehead Edition

Kevin Bieksa looks like Seth Rogen with down syndrome.
Kevin Bieksa looks like Seth Rogen with down syndrome.

It's really getting hard to do these links, let alone watch the games, because I just don't care about these conference final match-ups. I thought the last two rounds were way more intriguing. Anybody else feel the same way?

Blues News

  • Cool story on Blues 6th-round draft pick Stephen MacAulay and his run to the QMJHL's President's Cup. [Metro Halifax]

NHL/Hockey News

  • The Canucks got stupid on the Sharks and coasted to a 7-3 victory. [NHL]
  • Patrick Marleau sacked up and tried to fight Kevin Bieksa last night, failing miserably and giving Bieksa the Gordie Howe Hat Trikc. When was the last time you saw Partrick Marleau fight? When was the last time somebody fought in the conference finals? [NHL]
  • Two of the most respected sports journalism outlets out there named the NHL the top league in all of sports. They don't list the real reason as to why the NHL won out, but I'll pessimistically guess that it's because baseball is super boring right now, the NFL is locked out and basketball is, well... basketball. [NBC Sports]
  • I should have watched the game last night because I missed tits. Beautiful Canadian tits. [Puck Daddy]
  • Real Ted Turner is nowhere as cool as Will Forte's Ted Turner. Watch as the lame one tries to support the Thrashers. [Puck Daddy]
  • Winnipeg's optimism about getting a team grows by the day. Note: the sunlight in this picture is only 1 of 3 times a year that they see it. [Toronto Sun]
  • The Stars are still coach huntin'. [Rotoworld]
  • Rolie the Goalie is this playoffs' hot 'tender. [Crave Online]

Other Stuff

  • Fuck this guy. [Yahoo! News]
  • Create your own acapella songs right in your browser. I played around with this thing for a half hour and left my song on loop forever. Great stuff. [INCREDIBOX]
  • Probably one of the most fun puzzle games I've played right here. [Blockage]

Thursday Video

Since Tampa Bay is playing tonight and I'm in a hip-hop mood, here's a rapper in a Tampa Bay jersey. Remember when rappers used to wear hockey jerseys all the time? That was the shit. Please come back, Craig Mack.

Hartigan is here for the weekend. Good, because I'm drinking hard tonight.

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