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Monday Links: Things Done Changed Edition

I had a whole intro written about hockey but, you know what, I really don't care about playoff hockey right now. In case you went to bed early, Osama bin Laden in dead. For real. Crazy stuff.

Blues News

  • Chris Stewart is going to be a beast for Team Canada in the Worlds. [TSN]
  • Alex Pietrangelo is still awesome. [York Region]

Hockey News

It's late, I'm tired you get the shaft. Sorry. Sharks beat the Wings, Lightning beat the Caps. Go to to read more.

Other Links

  • Here's the story of the day: Osama bin Laden is dead. []
  • A collection of facepalms. This will come in handy during GDTs. [The Facepalm]
  • God I want a picture of my dog that looks this awesome. [Buzzfeed]


It took me zero seconds to come up with a video for today.

I'll be back tomorrow as Flick has another week off since he is without Internet. Send me links to gametimelinks(at)

Also, if you turn the comment thread into political partisan shit, I will ban you. I don't care who you or what side you're pimping. I. Will. Ban. You.