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Monday Afternoon Links: Alex Pietrangelo Gets You Free Stuff Edition

I'm badass, so get shit for free!
I'm badass, so get shit for free!

Blues News

  • Since Alex Pietrangelo was named the best defenseman in the World Championships, the Blues made a sale out of it. It's a pretty good deal, too. [Blues]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Joe Thornton got hit cleanly last night and got all hurt. He plans to play in Game 5, but it was nice to see him get rocked. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Bolts fans made a human bolt that was visible to the players as they took off. Awesome. [Puck Daddy]
  • The war on fighting. [National Post]
  • Winnipeg, bro. [TORO Magazine]
  • Here's a mock draft without derpy Mel Kiper Jr., because it's a mock NHL draft. [Sports Haze]
  • Roberto Luongo hopes to change his reputation by leading his team to the Cup. [NBC]

Other Stuff

  • 30 awesomely bad school portraits. [ACE Online]
  • The Rapture didn't happen and some old man had egg on his face. [The Sun]
  • Ever been to a comedy show? Well, you've probably seen a heckler. Here's how comedians put them in their places. [Splitsider]

Monday Video

We didn't have enough Macho Man love over the weekend, so here's the most insane promo he ever did.

Mondays are getting increasingly difficult to do these, as I work really late and have to get back to work in the morning. I'm for real on my lunch break, haha. I'm so tired, yo.

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