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Saturday Links: We've Got Ourselves A Matchup! Edition

Believe it or not, his nose looks even worse now.
Believe it or not, his nose looks even worse now.

Well, the wait is over. The two teams slated for the Battle Royale 2011 are the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins. Go Bruins!

Blues News:

  • Canned food drive for Joplin this Wednesday, June 1. [Blues]
  • Essentially, Perron hasn't made much progress in the last few months. He's feeling better, but not enough to test progress. [Post Dispatch]

Hockey News:

  • IKEA has a very good breakfast for $2 and delicious coffee. The chain is also building a new store in Winnipeg because the Peg can sustain Canada's future largest IKEA store. All this is supposed to be an important indication that the city can support an NHL team. [National Post]
  • Pretty sure we don't need a guide to NHL changes for Jets fan's here, but it's good to be retrospective of the last 15 years. [Down Goes Brown]
  • Shit, I can't even get my gym to change the one of ten TVs to playoff hockey and the jurors of a high profile case got to watch it on a 65 inch TV. [Puck Daddy]
  • Yesterday I poked fun at the early start times for west coast fans. Orland Kurtenblog complains about it a little more and offers some solutions for fans. [KB]
  • Cyclops himself might be able to play in the Finals. Too soon? [Vancouver Sun]
  • Ouch. Video of the puck hitting Steven Stamkos' nose. [Puck Daddy]

  • Did anyone not watch Game 7? Better question - was anyone sober enough to remember all of Game 7? Also, remember when everyone thought Nathan Horton wouldn't playing in Game 7?  [ESPN]

Other Stuff:

  • 20 years ago an epic wall crash was made. A few years ago it was made into the best bobblehead ever. [Big League Stew]
  • Timothy Cron, don't stop sending stuff in. Guys here is a website to help you "flaunt fake relationships online." As we've seen in the movies, having a fake girlfriend will help you get the girl of your dreams. [Techromance]
  • "Oh Kaner. We take a lot of shit for giving you shit, but you keep giving us shit to give you shit for." Super old article that Donut King submitted ages ago, there are probably 10 more of these incidents now. [Deadspin]


Most NHL players are now on their golfing vacation. To see how golf was created, let's turn to Robin Williams. 


Is it dead? Well the Lightnings dreams of winning the Cup this year are. Warning: Language not suitable for children.


Catch ya' on the flipside. 

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