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Wednesday Links: Team Chris Stewart and Alex Pietrangelo Rock Edition

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At the gym last night I asked if one of the TV sets could be changed to playoff hockey. The attendant responded that sure "for basketball, baseball and football playoffs, but I don't think anyone here has ever wanted to watch hockey." Facepalm. I'd have a better change of watching NHL hockey in Winnipeg.

Blues News:

  • Chris Stewart scored in regulation, then Petro scored in OT - what would Canada do without the Blues? [Yahoo! Sports]

  • If you haven't heard, Blues' Prez John Davidson will be back for a few more years. Join the conversation over here.

Hockey News:

  • Eric Brewer tops a "10 valuable NHL playoffs performers" list. Say, what?! [USATODAY]

  • Missed the game that put the Bolts up 3-0? Here's a recap. [Raw Charge]

  • Word on the street is that Wayne Fleming's brain surgery went okay. [NHL]
  • Spinnerama in WHL Western Conference Finals. Playoff hockey is thebomb [dot] com at every level. [Buzzing The Net]

  • Four things we definitely didn't know about the Nashville Predators. And after tomorrow, all of this new found facts will be forgotten. [Orland Kurtenblog]

  • Puns are great. Hockey puns are awesome. Hat Trick Swayzes. FANTASTIC name for a beer league team. [Puck Daddy]

  • Wow. NHL collects $25 million from Glendale, AZ to cover Coyotes' losses. [CBC Sports]

  • Chocolate stanchions and, no, you lost me after chocolate stanchions. [Down Goes Brown]

  • What has Brad Boyes been doing this last couple of months? [Die By The Blade]

Other Stuff:


The NHL are becoming party poopers. Leave Greenman alone.

Green Man - watch more funny videos


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