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Thursday Links: Swept Away Edition

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Next time I see Roloson on the sidewalk, I'm buying him a 6-pack.
Next time I see Roloson on the sidewalk, I'm buying him a 6-pack.

The Capitals have an owner who believes in them, a GM who makes smart trades to fill any holes and fans so rabid Cujo would be frightened. The Capitals still underperformed, getting swept by the Lightning. On the plus side? It's Cinco de Mayo. TEQUILA FOR EVERYBODY!

Blues News:

  • Berglund beats U.S. in Worlds and updates on Tennis? Oh, Post Dispatch, you slay me with your articles. [Post Dispatch]

Hockey News:

  • Everyone loves a slide show. 20 Most Hated Players in NHL. No surprise at #1. [Bleacher Report]

  • Flyers/Bruins series overview plus a history lesson. [associatedcontent]

  • Stanley Cup Playoffs: "Bad for bedtimes, good for the game." [The Atlantic]

  • Devin Setoguchi scores in overtime to finish a hat trick. Detroit down 0-3. [The Globe and Mail]

  • Trotz breaks down the Preds struggles this round. []

  • Bruce Boudreau is working with divas. From now on Ovechkin will be known as Mariah, and Semin as Whitney. [RMNB]

  • A closer look at the 2-year battle in Glendale. [azcentral]

  • Prank Time! Hockey fans aren't like any others... [Puck Daddy]

Other Stuff:


In case you missed it.

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