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Sunday Links: I Love My Mom Edition

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Happy Mother's Day!  Mother's Day is the official start of the Barbecuing season, and therefore, one of the greatest days of the year.

Blues News:

Hockey News:

  • Canucks' Samuelsson will miss Game 6, and since there will be a game 6, it's safe to conclude that the Predators won last night. [Eye on Hockey]

  • Ovechkin is going to Slovakia to join is Russian countrymen at Worlds. [TSN]

  • Clearly, you've been wondering what are the 5 keys for the Lightning to win the Cup. Wonder no more. [Bleacher Report]

  • C. Campbell doesn't want diving in the league, especially in the post season. [Toronto Sun]

  • The latest Eulogy has arrived! [Puck Daddy]

  • Poor Bergeron. He is slightly concussed. [Puck Daddy]

  • Coyotes and Thrashers are both in trouble, but solving the problems for each team differs. [The Globe and Mail]

Other Stuff:

  • To prepare for the work week, Cracked has the 7 most impressively lazy employees of all-time. Challenge accepted. [Cracked]

  • Time to give back all those forwarded spammed emails to the women who spam you. [MomSpam]


Anyone who dances the Carlton is awesome. A soldier dancing the Carlton? New best friend.

Can't have a Canuck/Predator series parody song without Carrie Underwood.

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