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Monday Links: Go Away, Detroit Edition

Of all the places to put a camera, this is wh... oh, hey, this is a cool shot.
Of all the places to put a camera, this is wh... oh, hey, this is a cool shot.

I have returned. A very special thanks to Joe, PCS and Hartigan for covering the weekday links the past two weeks while I moved to L.A. I've been spending all morning catching up on all the playoff action, do let's do it.

Blues News

  • The Blues signed a fighter yesterday in Kyle Hagel. He will report to Peoria, because the last thing the Blues need is another guy who can punch and do nothing else. [PJS]

NHL/Hockey News

  • We all knew that Joe Thornton was a vagine, but it doesn't hurt to have more video reinforcement. [Puck Daddy]
  • Speaking of blowing, San Jose wasted a lead and allowed Detroit to force a game six. Everybody's flirting with epic collapse this year, it seems. [SB Nation]
  • Tampa Bay is rolling and they have Stevie Y to thank. [Washington Post]
  • Boston is rolling and they have Claude Julien to thank. [Worcester Telegram]
  • The NHL will probably have the Coyotes back next season, but it'll cost Glendale $25 million. Is it worth it? I doubt they'd be able to get that money back with their awful attendance numbers. [Sporting News]
  • Ex-NHL ref Kerry Fraser shoots down a stupid question. A great read. [TSN]

Other Stuff

  • Something wrong with your beer? Well, you should check the manual to troubleshoot it! [Picshag]
  • If you're going on a cross-country road trip, you'll need to know what delicious beer to buy. This map says Boulevard is Missouri's delicious beer. Do you agree? I've been on a beer kick lately and by "lately," I mean, "all the time." [Good / Transparency]
  • These web apps are awesome. I recommend FillAnyPDF if you're downloading and filling out forms all the time. [Maximum PC]

Monday Video

I met a person from Cleveland yesterday and for the entire day, these two videos were playing over and over in my head.

Here's the sequel that doesn't allow embedding, but proudly admits that Cleveland is not Detroit.

There really needs to be more than one game a night again, so I have more to talk about.

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