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Saturday Links: Bing Bang BOOM Edition

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Blues News:

  • 62,000 people are signed up to Race for the Cure! That's amazing. Louie will be out running without pants, Ian Cole and Ben Bishop should be there, and you can participate by sleeping in? Who doesn't love [carrot cake and] titties? []

  • Beukeboom has been traded, and, now, he's on a mission. [Buzzing The Net]

Hockey News:

  • Grant Clitsome has the best worst name ever. He also just signed a two-year deal. Some things are better than others. [The Hockey News]
  • An instant cult classic game. One is skinnier than the other, but I can't tell which one... [Daniel or Henrik?]
  • We should embrace both the Bruins and Canucks so says DGB.  [Down Goes Brown]
  • USA Today says that "a bid has been made by a minority business group to purchase Atlanta Spirit, which owns the NBA's Hawks, the NHL's Thrashers and Phillips Arena, for $500 million." The other guys [ATL] yell, "ERRONEOUS!" []
  • AHL will be playing in St. John's. The team should be named the MonSTARS. Just saying. [CBC Sports]
  • The real reason the NHL told Thornton couldn't wear a Red Sox hat - he's too cool for them. [Puck Daddy]
  • Canucks won. Bruins lost. You've probably seen/heard it. I think SportsCenter has a 2 second clip or two.

Other Stuff:

  • Couple of interesting tidbits about the "Toy Story" Trilogy. [Tumber]
  • Mad Libs creater Leonard B. Stern has died. Funnily enough, stanchion was my go to noun. [The Daily What]
  • It seems that a lot of the actors on "The Sopranos" were also on "OZ" and "The Wire" and "Sex and the City." Pattern? Yes. [Grantland]
  • A mini donut maker. For you. To use. In your kitchen. [fredflare]


Neil Young sings Fresh Prince.

The Aerys MLB Draft page brought this awesome form of exercise to my attention.

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