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Sunday Links: Silly Things Rich Goalies Say Edition

A long, long time ago Dan Ellis said some silly things. What has come from his demise is still hilarious [FakeDanEllis on Twitter is a hoot]. Now, LOLuongo has the audacity to criticize Badass Tim Motherfucking Thomas. 

Blues News:

  • Ian Cole apparently needs a haircut. [Twitter]

Hockey News:

  • Big woop, Ovechkin is drinking, smoking a Hookah and eating fried steak. BizNasty is at fucking Bonnaroo, if anything HE has more at stake during the offseason. Shit. This isn't news. [Deadspin]
  • The waiting game continues as Craig Ramsay sits tight while True North decides his fate. [Sporting News]
  • Look! Luongo being a schmuck! [Puck Daddy]
  • Thomas comments. Then Luongo comments. Who will have the final comment Monday night? [Puck Daddy]
  • You mean the 10 people that watched the Heritage Classic weren't enough to make it become an annual event? For shame. [CBC Sports]

Other Stuff:


There was an 80's party last night. Most would beg to differ, but maybe you just went to bed early. 

Safety first. Always. And midgets. 

Brad will be back tomorrow. He's HILARIOUS. You should always read his linkage. Always.

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