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Tuesdays With Hildy: Which Pending Blues RFAs Are Worth Coin?

Today is a quick-un, mostly because I'm dumb and forgot today was Tuesday (ahh, summer vacation) and partially because I'm getting ready to step out for dinner here in a few. 

With the news that the Blues re-signed Chris Porter to a one year, two way contract extension for $600,000 when he's with the big boys, the list of Blues RFAs is dwindling. Five roster players and two guys from Peoria remain; TJ Oshie, Matt D'Agostini, Vladimir Sobotka, BJ Crombeen, and Ryan Reaves for the Blues and Ben Bishop and Nick Drazenovic for Peoria.

Drazenovic, sadly, is not going to get a huge payraise. Ben Bishop, if he comes up as Jaroslav Halak's backup, should get a nice payraise. Beener and Reaves might get the necessary boost, but the RFA's that will more than likely get - and who should get raises - are D'Agostini, Sobotka, and Oshie. The question here is, how much?

D'Agostini had a breakout season last year, and only cost the Blues $550,000. You can't tell me that the reason extending an offer has taken so long is because he wants to get paid proportionately to what he produced on the ice. He was fifth in scoring with 21 goals and 25 assists, and was a +8 on top of all of that. 

Sobotka only was paid $750,000 for last season, so him looking for a raise isn't unreasonable either. Seven goals and 22 assists isn't half bad for someone people expected to just be a third or fourth line center/energy guy. 

Oshie, though, needs to learn to stay healthy and to not take risks. Also, he needs to grow up a tad. He cost the team $1,275,000 last season to sit out nearly half of the year. He's a powderkeg on ice, he's been called the emotional heart of the team, but that doesn't do a bit of good if he can't produce. Does he get a raise because of name recognition?

My question to you guys this week is this - who is the next RFA you sign, and how much do you reasonably sign him for?